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A Lifetime Adoption
Lifetime Adoption is an Adoption Facilitation Center. Although our specialty is assisting birth parents with finding qualified adopting families, our focus is on you, the birth mother. We offer guidance and encouragement during and after your pregnancy.

Heaven Sent
If you are looking to expand your adoption search registering with Heaven Sent can help you. We work directly with attorneys and agencies who are in need of homestudy complete adoptive families. Specializing in African American and Biracial infants and child situations.

TLA Adoptions
TLA is a referral/networking service that works with adoptive families in learning how to network and expanding their adoption opportunities for them via our vast network of agencies, facilitators and attorneys.  We charge no adoption fee until you have a baby in your arms ~  Please speed up your adoption process and check us out at our web site  or call 703-729-3086. 


Facilitators can be very useful in your adoption search. Their services are not legal in all states. Facilitators are not state licensed, but do provide a large percent of all adoptions.  Always check references and use good judgment.


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